The 10 Best Streaming Applications for 4K Content in 2022 (Android & iOS)

The 10 Best Streaming Applications for 4K Content in 2022 (Android & iOS)

Let’s all come to the conclusion that there is more than plenty of entertainment to watch these days. But really, what could possibly top viewing your favorite movie in glorious 4K? Okay, there aren’t that many more things.

You’re in luck since we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 4K streaming apps in 2022 (both for Android and iOS), so you can make the most of your next night in front of the television. These applications provide you with access to a diverse selection of entertainment that you may enjoy, from the most recent movie premieres to episodes of your favorite TV series and unique content. You may even download the material and watch it later when you don’t have internet access to some of these applications.

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In this day and age, is it even possible to have a conversation about the finest streaming services without discussing Netflix? Probably not, particularly when taking into consideration the quality of the material presented here.

This site features one of the most extensive libraries of entertainment, including anything from movies to animated television programs. It should come as no surprise that the firm regularly releases outstanding original programs, and the app is, without a doubt, the most convenient method to view them. As a result, the platform offers a user interface (UI) that is straightforward and navigation that is easy enough for anybody to comprehend.

When it comes to the quality of the material, the app gives you the option to view the vast majority of it in high definition or even in 4K. The more movies you view, the more recommendations the service will send you, ensuring that there is always something fresh in the queue for you to check out. In addition, you may use this application to watch your favorite programs on any platform, including live TV and your mobile phone.

The 10 Best Streaming Applications For 4K Content In 2022 (Android &Amp; Ios)

Obviously, there are certain drawbacks to using this software. To begin, you won’t be able to register for the service using the mobile application; rather, you’ll have to go to the website. In addition, if you want to see the premiere of a major picture on the very first day, you will be disappointed with this platform since it is really the first to provide such things. And last but not least, in order to make use of the service, you will be required to purchase a subscription pack.

Amazon Prime Video

Another feature-worthy streaming software that offers material in high quality has just been released.

In addition, this service offers hundreds of movies and television programs spanning a wide variety of genres. In addition, Amazon provides a respectable quantity of its own original material; although the selection is not as extensive as that of Netflix, new films are constantly being added. This app’s navigation is really easy to understand, so you shouldn’t have any problems using it regardless of how proficient you are with technology.

This software, like the one before it, requires users to purchase subscription packs in order to use it; nonetheless, this practice is rather typical for services of this kind. There is an abundance of family packs available, and the price is reduced if you are already a participant in the ecosystem. In addition, the price is comparable to that of the platforms offered by the competition, which means that you won’t be overpaying for what you get.

It has already been established that the application is capable of displaying information in 4K resolution; nevertheless, the feature that stands out the most is that it does not incur any additional costs for its use. You and your friends are able to collaborate on the movie lists you create with this app. It also includes a robust search engine, allowing you to hunt for material according to an actor’s name, the release year, and other criteria. In addition, it adapts to your preferences based on the material you choose and the recommendations it makes for fantastic programs to watch.


This software is perfect for you if you are not accustomed to paying for material that is streamed to your device.

It should go without saying that the idea behind this software is completely original. Utilizing your library card inside this app will allow you to stream material. You heard it right: all you have to do is sign up with your library card and you’ll get an unrestricted, ad-free access to a large collection of movies. You are probably thinking that this is too good to be true. The catch is that the collection of material is in no way comparable to those of the applications that came before it on our list.

There are a large number of movies and television programs available to view, but there aren’t that many that are really well-known. Documentaries, films adapted from books, films made for festivals, and other types of films make up the vast bulk of the material on this site. It goes without saying that there is no purpose in searching for the most recent releases inside this software.

As a result, the quality of the material is up to par, and there is an abundant supply of movies available to view in 4K resolution. In addition, all of the files are organized into categories, and there is a powerful search engine that enables users to look up everything from an actor to a director and beyond. There are also a large number of themed compilations that are updated on a regular basis.


This is the software for you if you’ve been seeking for a solution that would fulfill all of your requirements as a movie fan in a single package.

This app includes a wide variety of cinematic delicacies, ranging from the most recent blockbuster movies to award-winning short films and films from independent film festivals. In addition, the application provides access to a diverse selection of children’s programming as well as a large variety of television programs and series. The compilation of information is updated on a regular basis, ensuring that there is always something new for you to see. It even includes a variety of anime and programs from other countries.

The streaming service does not yet have any of its own original programs, but that is in the works. The fact that all of the movies and episodes may be accessed without cost is, however, the app’s most notable strength. You read it correctly: there are neither sub packs nor restrictions, which enables you to take full use of the material. Concerning the advertisements, there are a few of them, but a far less number than you would see on television. As a result, the app maintains the high standard of its material, and as a result, there are a large number of 4K episodes available for you to view.

The 10 Best Streaming Applications For 4K Content In 2022 (Android &Amp; Ios)

Since the application is compatible with live TV, you may watch your favorite movies on the television set if you so want. You are also able to highlight your favorite films and create curated topic compilations and lists of movies to watch. You may also mark your place in TV episodes and movies with a bookmark so that you can return to the same place later.

hbo max

Next, we have a reliable streaming service that provides access to an extremely extensive library of high-quality movies.

This site not only provides its users with the most popular movies and television series, but it also develops a great deal of stuff that users really must-see. You will also be able to see all of the newest releases on their respective premiere dates since the service has now accelerated the rate at which it publishes new content. In addition, the app allows you a variety of quality settings, ranging from normal all the way up to 4K.

In terms of the user interface, it is pretty conventional and has all of the functions that are available in the app’s sibling. Because of this, the app will gain insight from the material you choose and continually provide you with credible recommendations. You will also have the opportunity to create movie compilations and examine other people’s lists that have been curated by hand. You may even connect the app to your Smart TV and watch the argument on a much larger screen using this method.

Because of this, the app may only be used by purchasing subscription packs, which are required for its operation. In addition, there are a number of different alternatives for sub-packs, and you need to be aware that not all of them will provide you with access to 4K movies. In the event that you do not like to pay the full amount and are able to make do without 4K resolution, there is an alternative for a cheaper pack that contains a limited number of advertisements.


This all-in-one streaming software offers you a never-ending supply of entertainment each and every day, and it does it in a variety of formats.

This is the one for you if you’re the kind of person who just can’t get enough of ordinary movie platforms since they’re so entertaining. This service provides live TV channels that you are able to view in real-time, in addition to the extensive library of movies and television series that it offers. When it comes to this topic, we are not talking about a handful of channels; rather, there are over 180 possibilities that are now accessible.

When it comes to movies, the app has everything you could possibly be interested in watching, including comedy, documentaries, and anything else along those lines. There is also a whole area for the entertaining of children, should that be necessary. You won’t miss anything thanks to the app since it performs an excellent job of publishing the newest premieres. In addition, the app provides high-quality material in resolutions up to 4K.

Because the application is compatible with a smart TV, you will be able to watch your favorite movies on a much larger screen. You are also able to create curated movie collections that you can show off to your friends. The notion behind this app is that all of the stuff it offers to its users is completely free. You will see advertisements appear at random, but taking into account the conditions as a whole, this is something that you should be able to accept.


Another app that is well-known for the unique material it contains is this one.

With this, the service offers a diverse selection of movies and programs to cater to a variety of preferences. In the event that this is not sufficient for you, there are more than 70 live channels that you are able to watch without any difficulty directly on your phone. There is a wide variety of genres available, ranging from sports and news to more specialized topic channels. Additionally, if necessary, you may synchronize the app with your smart television.

However, when compared to other leading services such as Netflix, this one falls far short, and there are a few reasons for why. To begin, the quantity of unique material has drastically decreased, and the number of significant initiatives has decreased as well. In addition, while the app is capable of playing 4K videos, it does so only for a restricted range of material.

The program is quite user-friendly, and the user interface is both attractive and straightforward. When it comes to the nuts and bolts of the operation, the service is built around pretty predictable subpackets. There is a student pack, a family pack, a premium pack, and several more alternatives available to choose from.


This is the perfect app for you if you like watching documentaries and other forms of non-fiction programming.

This is a streaming platform that focuses only on films related to certain fields, such as history and science, as well as any kind of entertainment that is inspired by actual events. There is also a children’s area that is separate from the rest of the website and is packed with educational cartoons, programs that help develop the brain, and more. It goes without saying that the collection of films is fairly outstanding; as a result, you can easily pass several days watching documentaries and other types of films.

In addition, the collection that the service offers is constantly updated, ensuring that you will never run out of information to access. You are able to view videos in 4K resolution if you have a pro subscription pack, however, this is the only way to access this feature. Because this product’s price tag is comparable to those of its rivals, you won’t end up paying more than necessary.

The 10 Best Streaming Applications For 4K Content In 2022 (Android &Amp; Ios)

The pro edition also includes the capability to save material for offline viewing, which is an excellent way to pass the time on a lengthy commute or while waiting for something. You also have the option to score the programs that you have seen, and your ratings will be used to generate personalized recommendations. In the event that you need it, you may also create curated collections and lists of shows to watch.


Moving on to another one of the newest platforms available, but still considered to be one of the finest for viewing high-quality material.

This service brings together all of Disney’s releases, from the timeless classics like Snow White and Dumbo to the most recent Marvel productions, as the name of the service may suggest. It goes without saying that if you want to be one of the first users to see a new Disney premiere, this platform is just what you need.

On top of that, the application gives you the highest possible quality, allowing you to fully appreciate the visual elements and enjoy the movies to their fullest potential. The quality can go as high as 4K and HDR10, although it isn’t accessible for all of the movies (of course, you won’t be able to see cartoons from the 1980s in 4K). Additionally, the software is compatible with a broad variety of devices, ranging from mobile phones to gaming consoles.

However, if you want to receive early access to movie premiers, you’ll need to pay an additional price on top of the cost of your membership in order to do so. The platform is based on subscription packs, and there are lots of alternatives for families, students, and other groups. However, there is only a one-time payment required, and you will have access to it for many years to come.

BBC player

And finally, we have an app that provides high-quality material without charging a fee. That’s right: if you want to make use of all our app has to offer, all you need is a valid television programming authorization.

To be completely fair, there are almost no valid reasons for you to stay away from using this app. To begin, it has a large and varied collection of excellent materials that cater to a variety of preferences. In addition, the service is compatible with a wide variety of platforms, making it simple for you to synchronize it with your console if that becomes necessary.

The material may also be downloaded for offline viewing, and there are no restrictions placed on the number of episodes or other content that can be stored. The material that you have downloaded will be retained on your device for a period of thirty days, which is more than sufficient. Even better, there are no advertisements playing in the background to disrupt your viewing experience; isn’t that simply perfect? Regarding the quality, the application is capable of playing back 4K videos, but only a limited number of them at a time.

It is imperative that this be stated: both the foundation of material and the 4K list are expanding on a daily basis. On the other hand, as you may be aware, this is a service that was developed exclusively for users in the UK. Consequently, it ought to operate normally in any region of the globe, but if you run into any problems, you can always make use of a virtual private network (VPN) to rectify the situation.


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