15 of the Best video Games with a Female Protagonist Available for Android and iOS in 2022

15 of the Best Video Games with a Female Protagonist Available for Android and iOS in 2022

In the past, there were very few, if any, video games that included female main characters. The idea that there would not be a market for video games with this aspect was one of the factors that contributed to the rise of such a fad.

The inclusion of a female protagonist, on the other hand, has proved to be a rather popular variety of video games and is now becoming an increasingly common trend in the industry. You will discover a list of the video games with the finest female protagonists that you were seeking further down in this post.

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15 Of The Best Video Games With A Female Protagonist Available For Android And Ios

Bewitching the Knight

The video game Knight Bewitched is a role-playing fantasy game with its own original plotline about love, conflict, and injustice.

The player has the opportunity to travel across the globe, go through a number of dungeons, search for riches, and engage in combat with the game’s most challenging bosses here. This game offers players of varying skill levels the option to choose from one of four distinct difficulty levels.

Another significant benefit of playing this game is that it does not need an active internet connection and does not include any in-game advertisements.

The valiant knight Ruth and her companions are tasked with tracking down a witch as the story’s central conflict. Ruth becomes sick at some point in the story, and the same witch is responsible for preventing her from passing away.

Ruth is incapable of harming the person who is responsible for saving her life. Because of this, Ruth is being held in jail for her role as a traitor. The player will be tasked with freeing Ruth from her cell and uncovering the mysteries that the planet and its inhabitants have been keeping hidden.

The game was described as having a delightful element of surprise by those who played it. Indeed, both the personalities and the settings are shown in great detail.

Gray Raven is being punished.

Gray Raven is a 3D role-playing game that was developed in China. The game’s graphics are done up in an anime style, which is bright and colorful.

In this game, the players are given control of three important characters at once. These characters and their talents may be bolstered, which results in an increase in level and an improvement to equipment.

The controls for this game are not complicated at all and are easy to understand. Players are going to be required to take part in a variety of fights in order to earn rewards.

Pings are possible for players to get throughout these matches. Pings like this trigger a variety of talents. You will be granted the most effective and powerful form of the selected ability if you link three pings of the same hue in a chain. This will also improve the likelihood that you will prevail in any given conflict.

A fun and unique mode called Bullet Time is also available to players. It is beneficial to be able to avoid hostile assaults while simultaneously striking the opponent in return.

The action of the game takes place in a planet that has been devastated by a cataclysmic event, and the core Gray Raven crew is tasked with defending the globe against cybernetic foes who have seized control of it.

The drawings inside the game itself were praised highly by those who played it and left feedback. In addition to this, they mentioned how well developed the character is. Players have also expressed a lot of appreciation for the music and the fighting elements.

However, there are several drawbacks to playing this game. A significant number of players shared a consensus on the awards that may be attained in the game after being victorious in a fight. These incentives seemed to be fairly little, and they failed to encourage people to take part in any of the conflicts that were held.

Concerning the operational aspects of the game, players have mentioned that the characters’ health depletes much too rapidly and that there are not enough things for them to do.

Toziuha Night: DR

Toziuha Night: DR is an action game with its own tale, which is a little bit different from the typical storylines of other games in this genre. The game’s setting is in the Dominican Republic.

In this story, the main heroine, Xandria, takes risks and travels down a road full of experiences not for the sake of rescuing other people but rather for her own personal gain. A perilous voyage awaits the young lady as she makes her way to Count Dracula’s castle. She has a lot of challenges and struggles before she can accomplish what she set out to do.

This game has a somewhat quick and easy progression system. The players’ only objective is to eliminate any and all obstacles in their path. However, it’s not going to be that simple since there are formidable bosses along the way to this gorgeous destination.

This game is laid up in an interesting vintage manner, which is evocative of gameplay from earlier generations of video games.

The Apocalypse, Collected Works of DC

The goal of this action-packed video game is for the player to prevent the impending doom of the planet.

The player will have to do more than just get through the challenges. Each user will be tasked with deciphering a series of cryptic occurrences, searching for a treatment for those who have been infected, and engaging in combat with the adversary and his army, who are responsible for bringing about the end of the planet.

There are as many as forty different areas in this game that the players may visit, and in each of those locations, they can uncover things that can assist them in advancing through the game.

In contrast to most other video games, the action in this one takes place not in a fantastical realm inhabited by fantastical beings but rather in a reality that is entirely recognizable to us. The player will have the opportunity to participate in everyday activities and, at the same time, work toward preventing a potential threat to the globe.

According to the feedback provided by other players, the progression through the game is really addicting.

The Dead Still Walking

The Walking Dead is an episodic role-playing game that takes place amid the zombie apocalypse. This video game has a total of six episodes: five main ones and an extra one.

Lee Everett is the most important figure in this video game. During the zombie apocalypse, he is joined in his struggle for survival by a little girl called Clementine, who is eight years old.

In this particular game, the player is not required to indiscriminately wipe off all of the zombies. Strategy and staying alive need to be your primary concerns at this point. The player is required to go through the narrative of the game, which places a strong emphasis on the personalities of the many characters and how they interact with one another.

Players have the option of storing any goods they come across on their travels in their inventory for use at a later time in order to better prepare themselves for any potential hazards.

The focus of this game is on quick-time event scenarios, in which the player is required to give careful consideration to each move while moving at a rapid pace.

The fact that this game’s controls are easy to understand and use is one of its strongest selling points. It frees up the player’s attention to concentrate not on correctly pressing the game’s buttons but rather on the story being told.

The designers of this game did not add any challenging missions or puzzles in this version of the game. The gameplay has been designed to be as realistic as possible. It was essential to come up with the challenges and responsibilities that a person who has survived an outbreak of zombies could have to deal with.

This game’s layout and visuals are more reminiscent of a comic book than the typical visual component of an adventure role-playing video game. The game’s story is also told in comic book format.

The fact that the game’s narrative develops in different ways based on the decisions players make for their characters is cited by reviewers as one of the game’s most distinctive features. This adds a lot of depth to the tale and brings the player right into the action of the game.

The Isle of the Witch

The moment a user discovers this game and starts playing it, they are instantly aware of a significant visual component of the game that stands out significantly from those of other games in the same genre. This game is pixelated, yet it manages to be incredibly aesthetically appealing because to its balance.

A mythical metropolis sits atop a remote island in the video game The Witch’s Isle, which is an action-adventure title. This city is under the control of a witch. The events that take place in the game are centered on this witch and a citizen of the town who is the target of a spell that the witch performs.

If the citizen does not remove the magic by the time the clock strikes four in the morning, the enchantment will cause her death. The citizen has to discover a great deal about the witch’s darkest secrets and find out a strategy to vanquish her in order to assist the woman in regaining her life.

In order to rescue the main character in this game, the player will need to figure out the solutions to a series of riddles.

There are seven potential ways that the game might conclude.

15 Of The Best Video Games With A Female Protagonist Available For Android And Ios

The player is not only in charge of the female heroine but also has the ability to attentively examine the other inhabitants of the hamlet. This is another rather unique aspect of the game. The gathering of information may be of use in discovering the witch’s deepest, darkest secrets.

The aesthetics of the game are said to be aesthetically pleasing and to fully submerge the player in the ambiance of a beautiful village, as stated in user evaluations. The players have expressed a lot of satisfaction with the music, remarking on how well it complements the ambiance. The story can’t be dismissed as unimportant, especially considering how the progression of the game won’t in any way allow you to feel bored.

However, in spite of the excellent reviews, a number of players said that it would be helpful if the designers of the game included some kind of instructions. In addition, some players are anxious about the time constraint, which stops them from being able to completely immerse themselves in the game’s storyline.

The frontline for females

Girls’ Frontline is a Chinese role-playing video game in which the player must devise their own tactics in order to emerge victorious from combat situations.

In this portion of the game, players take command of teams of android characters known as T-dolls inside the context of the game’s world. Each character has weapons and traits that are both intriguing and distinctive in their own right.

T-Dolls are female androids, each of which is a specialist in a different kind of handgun based on the actual world. The classes of this weapon are distinct from one another. Pistols, submachine guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, machine guns, and shotguns are some examples of weapons that fall under this category.

The game requires you to perform objectives, such as moving echelons filled with androids to different locations on the globe and eliminating opponent squads.

The fight starts when the player comes face to face with the other team while they are traveling. Players are required to make appropriate use of both the retreat and attack capabilities during combat in order to save their action points.

There are also fights that take place during the night in the game, and during these fights, visibility is greatly reduced in comparison to the standard sort of combat. Because of this, the process of winning the battle will be far more difficult.

The strategy for advancing through the game’s stages is, in accordance with the comments left by players, marginally different from that of other games of the same genre. In this instance, the user does not need to devote a number of hours every day to finish the level. Because of this, playing the game may be quite soothing and fun.

Having said that, this benefit does come with certain drawbacks. The game is not at all addicting, and the way it is played is uninteresting. Additionally, several players have reported that they are unable to begin playing the game since it often becomes unplayable.

Users have pointed out that the absence of advertisements is one of the benefits they like.

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius

New to the Final Fantasy game series is a role-playing video game called Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius. The game stays true to the genre’s classic aesthetic.

This game’s controls are not difficult to get the hang of at all. Even while engaged in combat, the only action needed of the player to initiate an attack is to touch on the screen.

Players have the ability to come up with their very own, one-of-a-kind strategies for combat by mixing the many magical skills possessed by the characters in the game.

You may search for different objects, secret passageways, and a lot of other things that will help you succeed in the game while you are playing it.

This game has a number of Easter eggs, one of which is that if the player chats to the people that live in the town, then the player will be given access to a number of mini-quests. If you are successful in completing these missions, you will get gifts that may be helpful in advancing through the main game.

User feedback indicates that both the game and the storyline are entertaining, but that there are several drawbacks to the experience. The game is much too repetitive to be enjoyable. Aside from the primary narrative and a few side tasks, it does not include any supplementary material of any kind.

The Mummy Reveals Its Age-Old Secrets

An intriguing adventure game with a puzzle element, Ancient Secrets of the Mummy tells a narrative. In this section, the player will be tasked with deciphering the mysteries of ancient Egypt and gaining an understanding of the mummification process.

Every participant will have the opportunity to take on the role of Amaunet, the game’s protagonist, and assist her in navigating the ancient Egyptian setting and unearthing things that have been concealed there.

In addition to this, the player will be tasked with gathering clues, resolving intriguing riddles, and providing assistance to the ghost of Hasani, who formerly resided in ancient Egypt.

The storyline of the game is centered around the character of Hasani’s spirit. Something happened awry while the mummification was taking place, and as a result, the soul was unable to pass into the afterlife. Archaeologist Amaunet’s goal is to facilitate the spirit’s release from its ties to this world and into the hereafter, where she believes it will finally find peace.

You will need to compete in a variety of the game’s minigames in order to piece together the mystery of Hasani’s prior life and bring the main story to a satisfying conclusion.

The game has received positive reviews from players despite the fact that it is patently underdeveloped. It is not entirely clear what some of the minigames’ actions or tasks are supposed to accomplish. In addition, the plot is not developed any further, and it simply stops at some point in the middle of its progression.

The role-playing game Darkness Survival has its own narrative.

The events of the game take place in a planet that has been corrupted by malevolent spirits who have traveled through a portal to get there. These demons have taken control of the globe. For a very long time, there have been rumors going about that at some point in the future, a young woman should show up who would be able to shut the gateway and ultimately bring prosperity to the globe.

And eventually, this girl does materialize in front of the portal and go through it. This is the point at which the game begins. The player will take on the role of a young woman who is tasked with defending the planet from hostile animals.

In order for her to do this, she will have to overcome challenges inside the dungeon, which is home to a great variety of dangerous creatures and hidden passages.

In the event that the player is unsuccessful, the game will need to be redone from the very beginning, and all accomplishments they have earned will be lost.

The game is said to include a lot of intriguing characters and stuff that may be acquired during the course of playing it, as stated in user evaluations of the game.

Nevertheless, one of the significant drawbacks is that the levels that are played after each loss are generated at random. Because of this, playing the game becomes laborious and challenging.

Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VI is a role-playing video game that was created by Square for consoles in Japan and published in the same country in 1994. After that, versions of this game started appearing on Android and iOS mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

The events of the game take place in a made-up universe that has technology that is far more sophisticated than our own. The protagonists are a band of intrepid warriors who are pitted against a powerful empire and strive to topple the existing government.

The players have control over a total of fourteen different characters during the course of the game. However, Terra Branford is the primary focus of the story. She is a young lady who has supernatural abilities. She was subject to the authority of the imperial government for the most part of her life, but she has just won her independence.

Players may take pleasure in the game’s classic aesthetics, despite the fact that it does not have a sophisticated visual element.

The game’s aesthetics remain very identical to how they appeared when it was first released, but the controls have been refined.
Every character has their own backstory, the reason for being, and the journey they must take. This opens the door for players to experience unexpected turns in the plot.
Touch controls, an auto-battle feature, and a more up-to-date user interface are some of the improvements made to the character control features.
This game received a lot of praise from reviewers, particularly for how well it advanced the story. In addition to that, they complimented the game’s conclusion as well as the way in which all of the characters worked together.

The Lara Croft: Relic Run video game.

The other games on this list are all of a similar genre, however Lara Croft: Relic Run belongs to a somewhat distinct category. This game consists only of unending running. The participant will take on the role of Tomb Raider’s primary protagonist throughout the game. She goes by the name Lara Croft.

15 Of The Best Video Games With A Female Protagonist Available For Android And Ios

Running to different checkpoints is the primary objective of this video game. Lara has no choice but to flee in order to dodge the devastation of South America.

The gameplay presented to the players is rather straightforward, as they just need to swipe either to the left or to the right to move Lara and direct her path past the obstacles in her path. Swiping up or down will cause Lara to either leap or slide over the floor, depending on whatever action the player chooses to do.

Additionally, there are specialized controls in this game that will enable you to fire and leap on walls at the same time.

Along their journey, the player and Lara Croft will come across a wide range of challenges, including columns, cliffs, and a number of different traps. You have to break through these obstacles in order to access new parts of the globe. It’s possible for these universes to be quite different from one another. It may be advised to the user, for instance, that they go and investigate the mountains, the desert, and the rainforest.

In a later part of the game, you will also have the opportunity to master several modes of transport, such as an ATV or a motorbike.

Along the journey, Lara Croft will not only confront the typical challenges, but she will also engage in combat against opponents and higher-level foes. In addition, the game has a function that enables players to modify Lara’s outfit as well as her weaponry, which makes it both simpler and more effective for players to navigate the world map.

The many opinions about this game are quite divergent from one another. Not only was moving ahead on the map enjoyable for some players, but the game also offered a range of other options that players could choose from. They likewise praised the game’s audio and visual elements, saying that they found them to be enjoyable.

On the other hand, some players have reported that the game occasionally freezes and that certain levels do not load.

Ponami is a role-playing game with elements of action.

The player will have the ability to take control of the game’s main heroine, Ponami, who, at the age of nineteen, made the decision to run away from her family and go on a perilous trip.

The player will watch as the main character confronts her phobias and uncovers a great deal of information about her life as the game progresses.

The character control in this game does not call for any specific expertise and is really easy to learn on your own. A control panel that allows the player to move the protagonist in a variety of directions can be found on the left side of the display screen. Ponami’s ability to leap, fire arrows, and kick may be activated by tapping one of the buttons located on the right side of the screen.

There are a total of six unique worlds in this game. There are eight tiers in each globe. The player must navigate their way through a variety of unusual enemies, traps, and challenges as they progress through each globe and level.

Your character’s defensive capabilities will improve as the level increases, which happens automatically after each foe that is vanquished in the game.

Users have said that the overall concept of the game is intriguing; nevertheless, there is a significant amount of room for improvement in many aspects. One of these factors is the restriction placed on the player by the game.

Additionally, many have mentioned that the controls are not quite user-friendly. Due to the sluggish pace of the game, it might be difficult to fire accurately with arrows. This causes the players to be continually distracted from the progression of the game, which is obviously not enjoyable.

Shelter Zero: IDLE Angel Saga

This is a role-playing game, and the visuals are rather colorful and detailed, as is customary for the genre.

This game distinguishes out from others since it boasts over a thousand levels, each of which has a different set of enemies and creatures for players to face.

Players have the ability to construct their very own, one-of-a-kind teams at each new level, making for a more strategic fight and a better chance of success.

Players can gain experience and levels by collecting points and a variety of items throughout their gameplay.
Additionally, the user has the opportunity to compete against other players from all over the world in the arena of this game.
Reviews from other players indicate that the game is enjoyable overall, despite the fact that it does have a few shortcomings.
For instance, one of the users played the game for a considerable amount of time, and then, as they progressed through one of the plots, the program suddenly crashed and displayed an error. Since that time, it has not begun operations.

Additionally, a large number of users have expressed a desire for additional capabilities to be included in the functionality.

A Shining Recollection

The video game Bright Memory is a first-person shooter. The ability of the player to combine a variety of skills and capabilities in order to achieve the best possible outcome is the defining characteristic of this game.

The narrative of the game follows the exploits of a young lady named Shelia.

The enigmatic component known as the Soul of Jiu Xiang serves as the game’s primary objective and objective item. It has the power to resurrect those who have already passed away. This chemical is wanted by a group that supports terrorism. They employ something called a “Quantum Transporter” to sneak into enemy territory and grab confidential data.

Shelia activates this gadget inadvertently, and the results look to be devastating. As time goes on, it becomes clear that all of the people who previously lived on the Floating Island have been resurrected. They will search for Shelia starting right now.

Users will have to search for and find solutions to a variety of puzzles in order to advance to the next level and save Shelia.

The concept for the game has been received positively by the players’ comments, but it has not yet been polished to its full potential. The video game suffers from a wide variety of flaws and errors. Additionally, the game is not very long and does not have a significant number of missions.

Users, on the other hand, praised the game’s aesthetics and its overall visual appeal.


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