11 Free Applications Available in 2022 for Changing Your Phone Number

11 Free 2022 Phone Number Change Apps app calls

Keeping only one phone number for all of your needs is not only difficult but also irrelevant at this point.

You may now receive a new number directly on your phone in a way that is both fast and simple. You may also create several profiles for use with different applications. For instance, among friends and family, at work, and with other people.

The only difference between this number and your primary phone number is the way that it is dialed; all other aspects of its operation are identical. Therefore, if you want to change your phone number in 2022, we strongly suggest that you utilize one of these free applications. They are equipped with the very finest instruments for accomplishing this goal.

These top auto-check scammer phone number applications can provide you peace of mind and ensure your safety.


Using the Line2 software, you may get a second phone number that can be used for making calls and sending text messages. After installing the program, you will have the ability to set up a number for either personal or professional use.

You may chat with your pals or do business with the help of the app. Using Line2, it is simple to keep your personal life and your work activities apart from one another.

Call recording, voicemail, group calling, and an answering machine are among the many services that are available. As a result, you will be able to record any and all significant conversations, initiate a group call with up to 99 people, and access your voicemail on multiple devices.

You will also have the ability to record a message on an answering machine, allowing the person who calls to hear an auto-answer in the event that you miss their call.

Additionally, the app is equipped with an auto-attendant that may be used to route consumers to the appropriate call queues.

There are no restrictions placed on the user’s ability to make calls or send text messages using Line2. You may also place calls to the United States and Canada from this location. Install Line2, give it a try by creating a second number, and you’ll quickly see how useful it is.


The Hushed software enables users to create a second phone number, which can then be used for making calls, sending text messages and images, and more. It is possible to put it to use in commercial settings.

The program allows users to make calls to whatever number they want. If you pay for the plan, you will be allowed to make calls to overseas locations. When you make a call or send an SMS using the app, it will only use a unique dedicated number that is not associated with the number of your mobile device.

Why is it being done? Hushed is helpful for dating as well as listing and doing business. If you feel the need to promote, you should get a second number and then immediately remove the first one after each successful transaction.

Hushed is able to assist you in acquiring a number for commercial purposes. Nobody can listen in on any of the discussions since they are all confidential. The software is really simple to use. There are no contracts, there is no risk, and there is no need to register or verify anything.

The app provides users with a number of different subscription options; select the one that best suits their needs. You can access your account from any device, which is a convenient feature. The most important thing is to ensure that you have access to the Internet. Get the second number from the download, and use it.


Burner is an app that allows you to generate a second phone number, which you can then use to make calls or send text messages to other people. In this section, you will have the opportunity to divide several numbers for your own personal or professional use.

The fact that these are actual numbers is one of the benefits of using this app. You can even use them for your business, in addition to dating and posting ads.

You can make calls and send messages using the program even if you don’t want to use your actual mobile phone number. All calls in Burner are confidential. You can prevent anyone from calling you by going into the settings and activating the “Do Not Disturb” mode.

There is no spam or blocking in the app. In addition, there is no limit to the number of characters that can be included in a message. You have the option to test out this application without cost for a period of seven days. Examine the operation of the second line using the advanced features.

In the event that you require additional numbers, you can subscribe to receive them. This app is without a doubt the most dependable and feature-rich option available. Download the Burner app as well as the second line, and test them both out right now.

Free Apps To Change Phone Number 11 Free 2022 Phone Number Change Apps App Calls


Phoner is an application that enables you to make calls to your friends and send SMS messages for business without using the number associated with your mobile phone.

Any person, regardless of their line of work, could need the use of an additional phone number. It might be helpful to keep your personal number and your business number distinct if you are a teacher, a lawyer, or a police officer and utilize a second line for your phone.

The second line is there to assist you in the event that you need to make a purchase or sell an item through a website, but you do not wish to provide your personal number. You may simply erase the number after the transaction.

If you want to register on websites or put such a number into a dating network, you should use the second number. This program may also be used for commercial purposes, such as setting up a separate line for your workplace.

Use it to make calls to other countries. You have the option of recording the phone call in the event that it is required. Simply downloading the app will show you how useful a second line can be in a short amount of time.


Dingtone is an application that enables you to make free phone calls to friends and family members who live in different countries. Because of it, you will not be required to spend a significant amount of money on long-distance calls or SMS.

After the installation is complete, you will be able to make as many calls to foreign numbers as you choose without eating into your mobile minutes.

Calling your buddy in the United States will no longer need a significant financial investment on your part.

Voice calls are routed over a separate network that is of a higher quality. This guarantees that there will never be a drop in the sound quality’s level of excellence.

In addition, this app’s capabilities include the ability to reject incoming calls, forward incoming calls, access voicemail, and more. As a result, you will be able to prevent unwanted calls from reaching your phone, reroute incoming calls to the appropriate number, and record a message to play when someone calls your voicemail.


Sideline is an application that enables you to generate an additional phone number for your company. The ease of conducting business with customers is critical to the success of any and all entrepreneurial endeavors.

You will be able to keep your personal life and professional life separate with the help of this app. It is a lot more practical than going out and purchasing a second phone.

This application offers a wide variety of benefits. The capacity to share a single phone number across several devices is one of these advantages. In the event that you are unable to take an incoming call, Sideline will provide a pre-recorded message to the caller.

In the event that it becomes essential, you may control working numbers on the devices that your workers use. Because every call is made via cellular technology, you have no reason to question the dependability of the carrier.

You can make phone conversations, send text messages and photographs, and send and receive audio recordings using this app. Sideline will transcribe your voicemails into text for you in the event that you are unable to listen to them.

You have the option of activating the “Do Not Disturb” mode on the weekends or holidays, which will cause all incoming calls to be immediately sent to your voicemail.

Install Sideline immediately, come up with your own business number, and you’ll discover that managing your company is much simpler after doing so.

Free Apps To Change Phone Number 11 Free 2022 Phone Number Change Apps App Calls


CoverMe is an app that hides your phone number while allowing you to make calls and send messages. It is a software that allows users to generate one or more numbers for the purpose of communicating anonymously.

Because CoverMe encrypts communications from beginning to finish, you no longer need to worry about other people being able to read the ones you send and receive using the app.

In addition to that, you have the option to conceal private communications. You are free to send an unlimited number of discreet messages, and no one will ever learn your real phone number.

In addition, the app’s vanishing message mode makes it possible for you to check at any time to see if the recipient of your SMS has read it. Simply shaking your device will swiftly and simply lock the app, allowing you to protect your communications from being seen by anyone else.

If you use a masking application to hide CoverMe, no one will be able to tell that you are using it. Additionally, the app provides you with personal storage space in which you may save things like images, documents, and passwords. Because the storage is secured in such a way, even if you misplace your device, none of your data will be compromised.

Using the application, you are able to send messages and make calls, including calls to China, the United States, and Canada. If you have CoverMe installed on your phone, you are eligible for a free additional line.

2nd Line is owned and operated by Dingtone Communications Ltd.

You are able to receive a new number for calling and messaging with the help of the 2nd Line software. It’s considerably more handy than getting a second phone or paying for a second SIM card.

Using this software, you will be able to set up a second phone number for your company. By doing so, you will always be aware of the person who is phoning you, whether it be a work associate or a friend with whom you want to talk personal matters.

You may use the second number to post it on a dating network or an online classifieds website. You are free to make as many phone calls and send as many text messages as you want since there is no restriction.

Calls made using the 2nd Line app are far less expensive than calls made over a mobile phone, and the call quality is unaffected. With the help of this application, you will be able to make phone calls and send text messages to local numbers as well as numbers in other countries like the United States and Canada.

Voicemail, call forwarding, and call recording are the supplemental functions that may be accessed inside the app. You also have the option to block unwanted calls. The fact that the app does not include advertisements is another significant benefit.


TextNow is an application that gives you the ability to generate a digital number for your mobile phone. You will be able to redirect all incoming and outgoing calls as well as messages to your mobile device.

Any user may establish a virtual number for a US region and use their mobile device to call and text.

Users get free text, multimedia, phone, and answering machine services.

Customers must have a US IP address to register and use the account. If not, the procedure fails. VPN services are recommended for dependable connections.

The app lets you phone US and Canadian mobile numbers and app users. To achieve this, you must buy a minute bundle using app points.


With the help of the software Talkatone, you are able to have phone conversations with people located in any part of the globe. With the help of this application, you will be able to converse and send messages through Wi-Fi without having to spend money on additional cellular minutes.

Make calls to local numbers and international destinations. Obtain a free phone number in another nation, such as the United States or Canada.

You may make as many calls and send as many messages as you need. This app does not have any restrictions or limitations. You may use it to generate a throwaway phone number for yourself, and then erase it when you no longer need it.

This program also allows you to share images and pictures with anybody else you want. Dial the number for any nation in the globe, such as Mexico or Nigeria, or any other nation.

It is important to know that you are unable to make calls to emergency services using this app. Talkatone makes it simple to communicate with your pals.

Powered by TextNow’s 2ndLine

Users may add a phone number to their 2ndLine account to make and receive calls. It lets people manage incoming calls in various ways. This gadget allows phone calls and text messages to network customers.

The program’s ability to call and text over the Internet and your mobile service provider’s cellular network is fascinating.

You may choose which numbers to dial while calling. This service helps businessmen quickly and simply acquire a company or small office phone number.

The app’s main feature is connecting to a new base station and using its features.

The app’s basic UI lets you add a voice clip or automatic signature to a message.

You also have the option of configuring a unique ringtone for a contact, as well as connecting the Google SmartLock authentication tool.


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