Viral traffic generation: What is it?

Viral traffic generation?

Viral Marketing has been extensively covered in recent years.
why you should use it to increase site visitors. What’s viral?

Why worry about marketing? Is this another fleeting trend?


In brief, viral marketing includes individuals freely spreading your message.

message for you. People that admire your work tell others, and

Messages spread like viruses. When it happens,

your message “going viral.”

Word-of-mouth advertising—someone sees or reads what you do—is crucial.

informs two pals what they provide. Friends read or see you.

message and inform a few friends.

friends, etc. Who knows you and your

message grows tremendously. The more people know about your site,

Your traffic rises quicker. Will it get big? Really, no way to tell.

Traffic is only limited by how many people visit your site.

host can handle.

Imagine how rapidly it may spread. If one person viewed your message

and told two people, who told two people, and so on, your

message would reach thousands rapidly. If each individual

merely told two people, notice how fast it grows.

1 x 2 = 2

2 x 2 = 4

4 x 2 = 8

8 x 2 = 16

16 x 2 = 32

32 x 2 = 64

64 x 2 = 128

128 x 2 = 256

256 x 2 = 512

512 x 2 = 1024

Imagine if 100 individuals spread your message, or

1,000 persons. See how quickly hundreds of

Thousands or millions of people know you, and better yet,

come and buy from your website.

Viral marketing leverages existing social networks.

customers already use. By making something noteworthy

You generate an internet “buzz” through sharing.

Traffic hits your site to inquire about the buzz. When they arrive, if

If they like what they see, they tell others, and the buzz continues.

to grow.

Word-of-mouth marketing is the best approach to promote

your site. People listen to those they trust.

quicker than they’ll listen. These individuals don’t know you; why?

Should people believe your words? Indeed, you may say

something to sell. However, they will obey relatives or friends.

Member, especially if the spreader has nothing to gain.

benefit from telling. Just a buddy sharing a wonderful offer they discovered, or

any valuable or intriguing knowledge.

Why employ Viral Traffic Generation?

You may assume viral marketing is reserved for big companies.

playing with huge expenditures and not for small firms with little finances

budgets. It’s improper to think that. You might

cannot afford to develop polished advertising like major firms,

yet many success prospects remain. Any company or individual

someone with a message or something to offer can profit from a well-written

created marketing campaign.

Many reasons exist to use viral traffic generating.

strategies to grow your business and drive website traffic.

1. It increases site visitors quickly and effectively.

As indicated previously, news may travel quickly.

rapidly, and your message can reach everyone.

Because your message generally comes from someone they know.

know, it has more credibility than an unwelcome message.

email from a stranger.

As the message spreads, it grows and accelerates to

snowballing downhill. You may initially assume your efforts were in vain.

not very productive, until one morning you open your inbox to see fresh

orders. It works swiftly when it does.

2.) It can be cheap.

Spreading the word adds little expense. The biggest

Pay for all the extra site traffic. All of

expense and effort of promoting your product/service are covered

by word-spreaders. Most certainly, the highest cost will

be startup or manufacturing expenses. Depending on your technique

chose to utilize Costs are little after that first outlay.

3.) It can protect you from criticism.

Remember that bad messages may become viral.

Unfortunately, you cannot please everyone. If you do

enough business, someone will be upset.

with your company. It just takes one unhappy client to

some doubt in your customer’s mind about doing

whether to do business. Doubt is hard to overcome. If

Customers who are unhappy with service are more inclined to complain.

than satisfied consumers.

Unhappy consumers spread negative news about you.

spreads without much control. The more it

Your business becomes less trustworthy as it spreads. You can only have

enough buffer to prevent negative signals from dominating

optimistic messages.

Your site will get a lot of visitors if your message gets viral.

Search engines will rank your site higher if other sites connect to you.

Your name will appear on other top sites. If bad news

When it spreads, it will be tougher to escape because

Your good message is so high-ranked that negative ones

cannot rank high in search engine results.

4.) It finds hidden clients.

Despite spending time and money tightly defining your consumers,

discovering their identity and, more crucially, location

always miss people. When your message gets viral,

Who knows where or who will see it. Because of its prevalence

coverage that might happen, folks you never thought your

Customers will see your message. Will determine if

may be customers.

As word spreads about your product, you don’t have to

worry about identifying all your clients’ hidden niches. You

They will find you.

Cost of viral traffic generation?

The sort of viral marketing strategy determines its cost.

your choice. With these 21 viral traffic generation methods,

There are numerous free or cheap ones. It may cost more to

create and start, whereas others may be costly. How much?

Spend what you wish and utilize the different options.


Viral traffic generating is wonderful once you get the hang of it.

Your first message costs nothing extra once it gets viral. Your

Customers spend time and money spreading the word. All you have

Prepare for traffic when it arrives. Depending on you

website hosting service, bandwidth may cost more.

If your sales rise due to traffic, more buyers rush your site.

worth the extra money.

How to viralize my message?

Time and money have been spent on this often requested question.

invested in the solution. There is no certain method to create your

message spread. There are ways to improve your odds.

That it will take off, but you cannot “make” it.

Successful viral traffic production requires expertise, creativity, timing, and

part luck, circumstances. You may attempt dozens of things without result.

and then find gold unexpectedly.

The saying goes, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets

opportunity.” Keep marketing your site and laying the groundwork.

groundwork for success, you considerably enhance your chances of becoming “lucky”.

Some sites take time to succeed overnight.

Presenting your message in a helpful, unusual, or amusing way

promotes sharing. Create a message with a

wide appeal and strong transmission potential. Once it starts,

No one knows where, how far, or who it will reach.

If you’re lucky enough to have many messages,

viral, you may reach millions. Not everyone gets it,

but it may happen to you.

Viral Traffic Generation
Viral traffic generation

21 Viral Traffic Generation Methods

Here are 21 ways to increase website traffic.

Whether it floods or trickles relies on your capacity to contribute.

things visitors may use or enjoy. You must remember that

Customers aren’t foolish. It will be clear if your product is

what people desire or a cheap marketing trick. They will pass if so.

pass it on. They will abandon your site and say nothing if it is useless.

others about you.

Offering something that benefits the user is the cornerstone to all of these methods.

experience. Give them helpful information, tell them about

anything fresh, intriguing, or funny, but

Top quality is crucial.

So much knowledge is just a click away online, what you

offering must be distinct. This might imply starting over or

mean seeing something old in a new light. If

Without touching people, your message won’t become viral.

It may still bring you traffic, but it will be old-fashioned.

With hard effort, SEO, and daily on-site

ongoing marketing.

Many people only go viral once, but others manage it.

to succeed repeatedly. When your message gets viral, so does

it temporarily floods your site with visitors, yet many of those folks

will subscribe, increasing everyday traffic. Continue if you can

People who produce original, intriguing content are more likely to

back to your site and inform others. As more people view your message,

help you duplicate viral success.

Viral traffic generating should not be employed alone. It needs

be part of a marketing plan. Many of his methods

alone may deliver little traffic to your site. Therefore, you

require several marketing methods. One stream may not be enough.

much traffic, but many streams might be important. Your message begins to

These streams might flood if they grow viral.

Consider which goods will work for you from the list.

They may not work for everyone. Some will naturally

some will not.

It is not aimed to cover all possibilities. It is

intended as a reference or example of what has worked. As you

Read about the approaches and consider your business.

It may inspire further ideas. Be inventive. Modify

use some of the concepts and create something fresh and unique.

and your company. Only your imagination limits possibilities.

1. Provide good content, goods, or services

Providing high-quality information, goods, or services is the greatest approach to grow.

reputation, and increase site traffic. Research shows that on

People tell two people about pleasant experiences on average.

regarding that event. However, if they had a poor encounter,

They’ll tell 7 others. Telling others drives viral traffic.

Start generating methods. If your clients never recommend you,

You’re back to marketing your site alone.

To attract repeat visitors, develop a reputation.

a subject matter expert, amusing, or insightful.

If you just sell cheap, recycled garbage, it doesn’t happen.

discovered on another website. Make sure your products are unique.

a unique piece of work


Other websites and blogs will start citing you as an expert.

to watch your website. What you are will be discussed.

doing, and will connect to your website. Suddenly, everyone

of their readers buys. Higher quality

The more content you create, the more links your site gets. Each link to

New customers can find your business online.

If you doubt your capacity to produce anything touching,

people like it needs to, you may have to recruit someone else.

do it for you. Fortunately, several services will put you in

contact freelance writers, web designers, and programmers. Have you?

You can probably find someone to do what you desire.

you. Taking a gamble on a new freelancer

established yourself, you may typically locate a low-wage worker in

in return for employment experience. Be careful—often

Sometimes you get what you pay. Make sure your work meets expectations.

requirements required for audience appeal.

Drive Traffic Website
Viral traffic generation: What is it?

2. Gift Something

One of the greatest early examples of corporate growth through donating.

is Hotmail. Hotmail provided free email accounts and services.

everyone who joined up, and many did (and still do). Today

Hotmail has millions of users.

Hotmail was an early viral traffic success.

constructing online. A bottom line appeared on every email sent through one

one of the free Hotmail accounts advertised how others may acquire one.

free Hotmail. When a Hotmail user sent a message,

helping promote Hotmail.

How did Hotmail profit from free accounts? They offered

premium client services including extra storage and

sending emails sans ads.

Hotmail was so popular that in 1997, less than two years after.

Over 8 million users and Microsoft bought it. It is

one of the best web-based email services.

You may not generate as much excitement as Hotmail, but

generated, it shows the power of spreading your message.

linking it to something friends can share,

kin and coworkers.

Remember that people adore freebies. If it seems

intriguing and free, people are eager to test it. While it is

Easy to get people to trial your offer, harder to convince them to buy.

keep utilizing it once the novelty wears off.

Success requires repeated use since numerous encounters cement

customer awareness of your brand. More people buy

anything from a known firm than an unknown one

heard. They may not realize how or why they know the name, yet

Familiarity makes your message more appealing.

You must give something useful, easy to use, and valuable.

the user. Your consumers must believe it’s worth their time to

share information. Then and only then will they reveal their

tell loved ones what they found.

Viral Traffic Generation
Viral traffic generation

3. Need a referral

A new take on offering customers something for free

to compel them to suggest someone in exchange for your offer

away. Give them a place to input one or more email addresses.

more individuals to fill out before getting your product.

This is especially beneficial when your free item is usable.

instant download.

This method not only gets your message in front of potential

It also helps you develop an email list. Send an email.

individuals referred stating “Your buddy (name) saw this, and would

would want to share. Using a friend’s name helps.

to build trust. This will reduce the likelihood of obtaining

invitation labeling your communication trash.

Like many of the tactics described, this only works if your visitor thinks

your offer is valuable enough to warrant disclosure

regarding someone close. Most individuals build friendships on trust.

will not trust a useless device.

Do not expect sudden floods with this strategy. It generally begins larger.

trickle, but it grows over time. Eventually, recommendations will

add up. If each free offer recipient refers two or more,

With more friends, you’ll soon have a huge list of potential consumers.

no extra charge.

4. Make a viral video

Ever heard of YouTube? Online time makes it impossible not to have

learned about it. Every day, millions watch videos in the

Youtube library. YouTube and Google Videos exploit this.

People currently spend more time on recreational internet browsing than

watching TV. Another illustration of not just how individuals desire to be

entertained, but consumers want options. The public is used to

freedom to pick entertainment, not being obliged to

forced upon them.

If you are inventive, cutting-edge, or crazy, you may fast

be the next viral video. Videos with the most viral potential include

ones that cover current events, especially if you beat the big news

outlets, business videos, and funny videos.

Steven Colbert’s Comedy Central clips demonstrate this.

YouTube launched The Colbert Report. Despite opposition,

Colbert permitted snippets on Comedy Central when the program was fresh.

video of his show for YouTube. Shortly after, his clips

went viral, increasing Colbert Report viewing.

Make sure you have a new concept before using this strategy.

not an old rehash. You don’t

require network-quality gear to make good videos. While you want

Great content is crucial to good production.

Make your video and add a 3–5-second ad at the conclusion.

slide with your website URL so readers may get additional relevant information

information. Your landing page should mirror the tone of

the video. Using a creative, hilarious video and landing page

serious and business, your visitors will just stay a few seconds before leaving.

leaving for funnier places.

Once your video is finished and looks good, upload it.

video to YouTube and Google. These sites provide services.

Website owners and MySpace members can post video.

visitors to their site. Your video’s virality will attract customers.

watch your film on the host site and any personal sites

take it up. Your site might get tons of visits.

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website
how to drive traffic to your website

5. Brand Your E-Book

Have you noticed how many sites give free e-books to subscribers?

Enter your email, click the link, and get an ebook immediately.

useful information. Why so many sites employ this strategy

advertising works, and here’s how to utilize it.

Write a brief business ebook. That book has

Include some business information in critical areas.

Put a link from the book to your website. Post it on

your website and provide free downloads.

However, it continues. Encourage ebook fans to

give it as a freebie online. If the data is valuable,

Good writing will increase the amount of websites selling your book.

As you grow, 50, 100, or 1,000 sites will benefit you.

promote your business. Campaign success with timely

information might drive visitors to your site for months or years.

Avoid including too much personal information.

connections to your site. Including more about oneself reduces likelihood

Others will volunteer to give you your book.

Having thousands of people see your ebook has another benefit.

develops credibility. A published “expert” is more credible.

Even if the book is great, they treat non-authors differently.

short. You get name recognition, and others notice

Future associations will make them more willing to try it.

This helped internet marketer David Meerman Scott release

The New Rules of PR ebook. He linked to the book on his blog.

the link with friends and coworkers by email. Three days later, his ebook

been downloaded 1,000+ times. This drew the attention of a

two internet marketing experts who blogged about it. In

Three days after those blogs, Scott’s ebook was downloaded over

15,000 times.

The ebook has been downloaded over 60,000 times and

continuous traffic and several speaking configurations. He is now

regarded an online marketing guru because of his


Find an ebook compiler or application to make your ebook by searching.

software that saves documents as PDFs. Whichever program

Make sure your choice supports active, clickable links. If

The ebook reader must copy and paste the URL into a browser.

Many will not. Make your site simple to reach.

Also, ensure your software won’t allow changes to the data.

in your ebook. Untrustworthy persons will erase references to

you and your site links, and put their information in your ebook.

Many apps can protect your data, so use them.

of them.

6. Blog

Blogging requires the greatest effort of my methods. It

is likely the slowest-growing strategy. For one of your

People must know about your blog for it to go viral. With so many

excellent blogs currently online, it may take time to get yours

noticed. Persistence is needed.

Make sure you’re interested in blogging before starting.

topic to write virtually everyday about. A successful blog requires

3–5 articles each week are required. The postings need not be

lengthy, they should have the elements every technique needs.

infectious, informative, interesting, and new.

Not only must you upload fresh content regularly, but

to promote your blog. Start getting started in various simple ways.

get others to read your blog. Find additional popular blogs.

that address comparable topics as you. Comment insightfully on their

blog. You can link to your site in comments.

If someone likes your remark, they may visit.

see what else you have on your site. If you comment on a blog

Your site may get a lot of visitors from is popular.

Writing a blog post is another way to be noticed.

commenting on a blog post. Add a link.

your blog reference post. This is blog language.

a “trackback”. When you enter the other blog’s URL,

trackback portion of your blogging application notifies the blog you

link to telling them you mentioned them in your blog. They arrive

and read your message; if they like it, they may write anything.

blog about your post. Their readers can click the link, increasing traffic.

to your blog.

If you like blogging, it’s easy to start.

Several reputable online blog providers let you start a blog.

for free. Some platforms, like, let you create

AdSense ads on your site might boost your revenue.

with your blog. You may place the blog on your own domain.

Websites like WordPress are simple to set up and use. The best

Using it is free.

If you create and advertise your blog well,

Readership will rise. More readers increase your chances of

your post becoming viral. Fresh, quality content is vital to success.

and engages readers. You cannot recycle what you

read another blog.

Provide a compelling argument for blog visitors.

explore your site’s primary area. If your blog takes off,

This strategy might provide ongoing visitors to your site.

practically everyday.

7. Bookmark social sites

Recently, social media has grown in popularity.

Bookmark Digg, StumbleUpon, and These sites let users

to search, bookmark, organize, read, and rate anything online. If

When you post something on one of these sites, other readers see it.

opportunity to vote on its suitability. If someone likes it, and

worth sharing, vote for it. The more votes, the higher it ranks.

it affects ranks. Higher up, more people see it. As more individuals

Seeing it increases the chances of someone else voting on it.

helps it rank higher.

Fortunately, readers may still view your content even if they don’t vote.

could visit your site to see if they like anything else.

Remember, social bookmarking sites don’t want you to

vote for your articles. Voting for your own might trigger it.

to drop in rank. You need something others want.

find compelling enough to vote for it.

These sites get hundreds of thousands of visits daily. If you are

lucky to have your message at the top of one or more

of these sites for even one day, your site may overwhelm with traffic.


8. Use RSS.

An RSS feed can also increase site visitors. In

RSS means “Really Simple Syndication” in its current form. RSS lets someone

can add an update link to their homepage, website, or RSS reader

whenever you update your website.

This is popular with blogs and news sites. If you post to

Blog daily to update readers 5 times a week. That

implies 5 times a week they’ll see your name and website.

This can benefit you since they get reminded.

they requested reminders, not because you forced yourself.


Every day, they may read your message and

visit your site’s main area. The more web visitors you get,

Regularly, you can increase sales and advertising money.

RSS feeds can also provide specialised news.

that enhances your webpage. Adding current information to your

Your main page gives visitors a cause to return.

ongoing. Those interested in your topic will return to your site.

for updates.

RSS is used to retain clients in both ways. The more

The more people return for fresh, informative, or interesting content,

The likelihood of their telling friends and relatives is the

Step one of virality.

Social Media Traffic
social media traffic

9. Freely contribute to other blogs/websites

Freebies are another wonderful approach to promote your brand.

Content to other blogs and webpages. Everyone wants new, well-written content

for their webpage. Luckily, not everyone has time or skill to

do it themselves. With more websites and blogs online,

Internet demand for article writers and guest bloggers is constant.

Where you come in.

Giving out free content gives others useful information.

You promote yourself on their website, and they pay for it. It is

Everyone wins.

Find blogs about your specialty and offer your services.

to them. They may request a writing sample before hiring.

eager to accept your offer. They have their own reputation.

quality to consider. You might display a certain article.

their first few paragraphs. For open offers, write a

example article demonstrating your skills. Just ensure your

example shows the quality they want.

Write a brief “About the Author” paragraph after writing your article.

at last. Your firm is mentioned in the line.

A connection to your website is crucial. Not only does it increase,

traffic from their website, but the more locations your content appears,

emerges, the more likely one of your pieces will be taken up.

of social bookmarking sites or another blogger and becomes viral.

10. Linkbait

Internet marketers have varied feelings about “Linkbaiting”. It

involves “baiting” readers to link to your site from there.

site. Write something on your site that attracts other websites.

owners and bloggers trackback to your site with remarks concerning

you wrote.

Linkbaiting is occasionally frowned upon since certain marketers

get those linkages via dubious ways. While most of

Some methods are acceptable, yet many feel they exceed the line.

are inappropriate.

Many strategies exist to persuade other site owners to connect to yours.

I’ve discussed. First, give helpful information.

novel interpretation of existing data.

Second, provide current information. This is ideal if

are credited with storybreaking. When it succeeds, this may create lots of

fast traffic. The consequence is that news articles expire quickly. The

A viral news article may last a day or two.

The third method is humor. Jokes, adorable, and amusing stories are popular.

Everyone enjoys entertainment. The trick is

to convey your point while amusing.

Free tools or games are the fourth technique to earn links.

from your site. Banks and insurers profit from this.

Financial and lending calculators are on their websites. While utilizing

The calculators also display messages regarding other items.

services provided. Even while not actively viewing the data,

It stays in your head and promotes the firm.

Last is the most disputed technique. It uses power.

controversy for connections. Site owners or bloggers must

criticize a popular topic or person.

Comments on your post appear on other blogs because they cannot.

believe you had the audacity to write it or they are defending the

an assault victim.

This is contentious since it is typically less

than truthful. Person posting may not feel that way,

They choose that position out of enthusiasm and ties.

position it suggests.

This last strategy may destroy your reputation. If

Many of your visitors perceive you as a troublemaker.

may depart your site for more appropriate ones.

with their outlook.

Site owners risk reputation damage for links—why? The first

cause is its instant site traffic boost. Even though

Some individuals will visit your site while disagreeing with you.

to check for further controversy.

Links signify popularity, and certain search engines,

Google, in particular, uses the amount of sites that connect to yours.

determining site rankings. When other sites link to you,

raises your Google ranking. This is especially true for sites

ranks higher than yours. You rank higher with more links.

site rises.

For some site owners, link traffic outweighs the cost.

negative effects of a damaged reputation. For you

business, decide if having a

you want a quick boost or a steady flow of visitors.

Regular customers who will return to your site for years


Several sites have successfully gotten other sites to give

them a link. One Red Paper and The Million Dollar Home Page stand out.

Clip and Sell My Life. These three sites had unique ideas.

Inspired other bloggers and site owners to write about their work.

The increased traffic overwhelmingly favored all three efforts.

successful (yes, the Million Dollar Home Page made a million)


11. Run Contests

People love winning and being recognized. Be

creative in choosing the prize, but consider how much your

Customers will value it. Prize need not be significant.

great value, it must be useful or valuable to the

winner. Ensure they want it, not just brag about it.

business advertising. A bumper sticker promoting your website

will not be popular. Advertisement or website

address should be easily visible, but it should not be the major element of the item

You give away.

Business-to-business websites get free advertising.

for the winner is something that wouldn’t cost you anything, but if your site

doesn’t draw too much traffic the prize may not be perceived as being particularly


The great thing for you is that running contests is a great way to drive large

quantities of visitors to your site. Other than the cost of the reward, there is not really

significant money involved in this procedure. There are websites and blogs that are in

the business of telling others about contests that other people are running. They

will perform your marketing for you. All you have to do is email these sites and let

them know about your contest. If it’s worth noticing they will inform their

subscribers. If the contest is excellent enough or innovative enough, it may catch the

attention of a blogger who will share the message to others. The better the award

packet, the faster and further it will spread.

A smart method to take use of this technique is to have a repeated contest,

or a series of contests. This strategy will keep customers back to your site.

Not only will they return to join up for the next contest, but they will also check

return occasionally to see what the next contest is, and when it begins.

Social Network Background With Media Icons
Social network background with media icons

12. Make it easy for visitors to refer others

Have you noticed the amount of websites that feature a button that enables you tell

people about the site you are visiting? They are growing increasingly popular,

because site owners have realized that if you want your users to accomplish anything

for you, you have to make things as easy as possible. If you want readers if your site

to tell others, it does not get much easier than offering them a button to click.

The wonderful thing is, if you create and set up your own site, it is simple and easy to

add the button. The trickiest aspect is determining where you want the button situated.

If you do not do any site design, it is a little investment to have a designer do it for


The button launches a short amount of code called a “tell-a-friend” script. When your

Clicking the button opens a tiny window for viewers to enter.

to share their pals’ email and a brief note

your site.

The script’s strength comes from what I said at the start.

This book will make individuals listen to friends and relatives. Levels exist.

You can’t approach that trust, at least initially. That type of

Building trust takes time.

Tell-a-friend buttons overwhelm your site with traffic? Perhaps not, but it will

attract new traffic, which is more likely to return.

13. Facilitate emailing the page to friends.

Emailing a link to your site to readers is another approach.

Tell your visitors to tell their friends and family about your site. Is extremely

It functions like the tell-a-friend button.

Someone who loves your site can click a button to open

an email window. Buttons trigger scripts that insert your

Web URL in email message box. The remainder can be completed.

Send your link to as many friends and relatives as possible.

they like.

This works well since the message comes from someone they trust.

already trust, not you. No email will be blocked.

receivers spam filter, and they may open and read it.

it says

Like the last strategy, it may not increase traffic, but

Traffic comes because a reputable source recommended them to check.

it out. Their mindset is more open when they visit your site.

interested in your message. They have a purpose, not only to

someone roaming.

14. Use a digital game or tool to spread your message.

Games are also popular online. I’m not talking

about intense virtual multi-player games, merely simple

Office break games to play at your desk.

If you or someone you know uses Flash, this

can help promote your business to many people.

Since anything else, if you don’t know how, just do it.

Just glance about and you’ll find someone wanting to help.

Another place where creativity helps. The game doesn’t

have to be completely fresh, but the more unusual, the more intriguing.

It will draw traffic. Search for “flash games” to see

thousands of games without downloads or programs

install. The games are also similar. Some

are just variations on ancient games, yet there must be something

different to work for you. The internet may not need another

version of Tetris with animal-shaped pieces instead of

bricks may attract attention.

If your game takes off, many sites will promote it.

Some will host your game on their site.

Once someone plays your game, you may market it.

Display your company as customers wait for the game to load.

Free games like Peerflix are wonderful for marketing. They made

celebrity-shaming game “Paparazzi”. Idea got viral and

was swiftly picked up by E Online, Entertainment Weekly, and most game

sites. The game has over 2 million unique users within 90 days of debut.


The amazing thing for Peerflix is that approximately 5% of those visitors made it.

The key aspect of the website was the reason they established the

game initially.

Give folks a beneficial tool or resource for free.

Although some of these choices may cost more to create and host,

As they gain popularity, they are a great method to attract people.

visiting your site often. Calendar, organizer, and reminder services

to promote your business to potential clients. Quirky

screen savers are another fantastic application. Each time the user

pc idles for a few minutes, your message appears. The

Putting your message somewhere visible yet not visible is key.

the focus. No one wants to download your ad.

However, they will take the marketing as a tiny payment for something valuable.

better value.

If your software is useful, users will tell others.

they will blog about it and link to your program.

from their sites. Going viral is about that.

Both methods provide repeated visibility, which is fantastic.

On average, marketing experts say it takes exposure to

Someone must repeat something 7 times before acting. More commonly people

see your message, the more likely they are to act.

see. Advertisers and politicians spread their word widely.

folks will see it several times. That attracts people.


15. Provide E-Comments or E-Cards

Social networks are popular for staying in touch.

contact each other Do visit MySpace or Facebook if you haven’t.

look around. While most of the notoriety these sites have received is due to

Businesses have found that teenagers and college students utilize them.

help them create networks too.

Some sites are simple, some are extensive.

Most have a spot for guests to exit.

comments. Text messages are often used for these comments.

Between pals, however some communications are modest digital photos

images with prewritten text.

Free e-comments are available on several websites. If you

Copy and paste a short portion of one you like to share with a friend.

line of code into your friend’s comment field to see the e-comment.

Every one of these e-comments has a

business name or website at bottom. These images are mostly

links that direct viewers back to the person’s website

made it. Your e-comment may be beautiful or unusual enough for social media.

It will be shared by pals. When their buddies (or friends’)

Visitors will click the picture to see your other e-comments.

to offer.

Although many organizations use these services to develop networks,

Most users are adolescents, young adults, and women. If your business targets

This approach may fail with mature males, particularly if

Marketing to youth might flood your site with traffic.

utilizing this strategy.

Offering free e-cards is comparable. People always look for

cards for friends, family, acquaintances, and coworkers. They

These simple tools have remained popular for years. These

cards might be static or musical.

animated. Some Flash animations are basic, some are complex.


Once the card is chosen, the individual can write in the message box, add

enter the recipient’s email and click send. An

email notifies recipient that friend sent card.

offers a link to view the card.

The card recipient receives a note from a friend and a modest gift.

line identifying the card sponsor. Because you host the card

service, the viewer is on your site. Just give them a good

incentive to click your links.

Early 2006, developed a program named

Monk-e-mail. You may pick a chimpanzee with a mouse click.

wanted for your card, then customize that chimp with different

clothes, glasses, headgear, backdrops. Users might write or

recording their message and has text-to-speech features.

let the chimp bear your message. Extra bonus: when you move

chimp follows your mouse movement.

Monk-emails exceeded 14 million within three months of introduction. The

kicker: CareerBuilder marketed this service for free. In the start

week CareerBuilder issued 1,500 monk-emails to agencies and workers.

word-of-mouth took over. Monk-e-mail was so unique that

buzz spread swiftly online and even entered the mainstream.

media outlets.

A monk-e-cards-like application is not necessary, although it is.

must be distinct and imaginative. For digital photography or graphic art,

This might be a great approach to leverage your ability to increase site traffic,

Hire a freelance designer to make your cards. Search for

Check out e-cards to see what designs individuals are utilizing.

Quality and distinctiveness always help.

16. Create community

One reason the internet is so popular is that

permits like-minded people to meet worldwide. From

If it interests you, sports, politics, gum wrapper collectors,

in, you’ll likely discover someone who shares your interests.

Visit Yahoo Groups. It hosts hundreds of thousands of

international groupings. Looking for “viral marketing” groups yielded

list of 360 groupings.

It’s not recommended that you become Yahoo Groups, however

show that internet users want to meet like-minded people

share interests. You might use this to your advantage.

to host a website forum. Discover a similar interest.

Create a business forum.

Allow forum users to leave messages and contact each other.

email, instant messaging, and maybe chat

spaces for lively conversation. As forum host,

You can answer questions to establish yourself as

specialist in your field. Help moderate discussions and share

new and intriguing facts.

Inspire user participation. Allow them to brainstorm and share.

become specialists. Create a safe, welcoming atmosphere.

They can express themselves (reasonably). If your town stays busy,

will expand, and some community members will become


Excellent free forum programs are available.

After downloading and uploading the software to your web server, you’re ready.

running. Many web hosts offer software.

packages for site community building. They make it cool.

Setting up forums, chat rooms, guest books, etc. is simple.

Creating a community will attract individuals interested in your line.

business to your site. Once there, they may easily look.

look at your offerings. Since they’re interested,

They’re more inclined to use your business.

Easy Ways To Attract More Social Traffic
Easy Ways To Attract More Social Traffic

17. Writing for ezines and article publishers

People are more likely to listen to someone they know.

consider expert. Why not you, the expert? If you know enough

You’re an expert if you can build a company on it. It only takes a

little promotion to prove your expertise.

One way to obtain expertise and exposure

Writing articles for ezines and article publishers is your business.

You compose a business piece and upload it to one of

Online publishing. Readers notice your name in your article.

and presume you know your stuff. More locations vary

Knowing your name and business name increases your chances.

your name will be remembered. Multiple exposures over time

You get brand recognition.

Online article publishers provide you two options to promote yourself.

Some sites, like, allow 1-2 phrase “About the

Author” at the end of your article. You can place

compose a small bio and business link.

your site.

Associated Content and Helium have content producer pages.

gives you extra space to write. Talk about yourself,

your company and why readers should trust you. You can also

Multiple links to your site are recommended.

Readers are marketers when they click the link to your site.

say “pre-qualified”. Information influenced their decision to go.

read. You did not deceive or compel them into visiting your site.

spam emails to go there. Because they choose to be there,

more responsive to your message and more likely to

buy your goods or services.

Besides article-direct traffic, if the article is

really good, it may appear on Digg, StumbleUpon, or

On, or If one of these sites ranks your content, it might bring

you get many site visits quickly. That surge in visits

It might stay in the top rankings for a day or two, or longer.

days, weeks.

Another benefit of authoring articles is that they might supply some

You get residual revenue. Several sites offer revenue sharing to give

You get a little share of article advertising. The amount

per article is generally low, however enough articles might add up.

add up.

18. Evangelizing employees

The finest business advocates are on your payroll. Your

your workers already care about promoting your

company. If you succeed, they maintain their jobs; if you fail, they may lose them.

lose their jobs.

Nobody knows your business like your staff. They can debate the

Explain your business and why your product or service is great.

superior than rivals. Happy workers will tell others.

Your family, friends, and coworkers know about your firm without you.

to pay more for it. It is routine communication with


IBM dominated the early computer business.

technology. Computer businesses were seeking to establish themselves.

IBM was king. One reason IBM endured was

resist rising competition was that they understood power.

Employees had to promote the firm. They have pre-made marketing.

crew of engineers, secretaries, accountants, and programmers. By

Using that power, they built a remarkable reputation in

computer industry.

IBM hires were trained how to be from the start.

promotes the firm. They learned the company’s ideals,

saw the quality of the items they helped develop. They bought

they learned about IBM’s company culture and shared it with

any listener. Technology heard the message frequently,

so many individuals that they never doubted IBM

was finest.

Success requires a devoted, dedicated team. If

You could tap into part of that power if you can.

well. Make your staff your marketing team and let them spread the news.

about how fantastic your firm is. Authentic belief will fuel their passion.

contaminate others. People will trust your workers’ words because

Your staff obviously believe it.

19. Create an affiliate program to let others market.

your offering.

If you’ve never considered selling your items through an affiliate network,

might wish to consider. Internet users number in the thousands.

who wish to sell online but have no product

to sell. Allowing them to sell your product gives you infinite

number of commission-only salespeople selling your goods.

It’s easy to sign up using an affiliate marketing platform like

ClickBank/Commission Junction. Several programs exist, so you

You must investigate to discover one suitable for your needs.

product. For instance, ClickBank sells digital goods. If you sell

an ebook or downloaded software, this may be the application.

use. Commission Junction focuses on physical goods.

These programs handle everything for a minimal cost, generally a portion of the sale.

work for you. They will add the site to their searchable database.

Online sellers can locate you. If they care about what

you sell, they become affiliate salespeople. They

are issued an affiliate code, and when someone visits your site via a link,

containing their code and makes a purchase, the affiliate earns credit.

sale. Affiliate programs track sales, execute transactions,

and ensures the right salesperson gets paid.

Selling your items through an affiliate scheme has perks and downsides. On

The upside is a motivated sales team that aggressively advertises your

online product. They labor and pay for it.

communicating with consumers. A hundred-person salesforce

even a thousand persons can access a wide range of

prospective clients. Even if no one clicks the link to your site, it still works.

raises your profile.

Though inexpensive, it has drawbacks.

costs, they are costly. To convince someone

bear all product marketing costs, there must be enough

their recompense. Commission rates of 50% of sale price are not acceptable.

unusual for digital goods. Though lower, tangible item rates

are still high enough to justify your affiliate marketers’ efforts.

The hefty commission rates will considerably reduce your earnings.

on every transaction. Increased volume can offset this loss.

But you must monitor your expenditures to avoid losing money.

Transaction costs money.

20. Press Release Writing

Much as websites, newspapers require content. Many publications, notably

tiny local newspapers struggle to generate new material.

to fill their area completely. They lack employees due to funding constraints.

daily content creation was required. This makes a terrific

opportunity for you.

In addition to free advertising, newspapers will allow you to

Write an article about your firm, especially if

service or community event. Newspapers realize they

offer free material in return for advertising, but it cannot be

obvious advertisement.

Simply compose the article, mentioning your company.

name and site address for further details. You just

Make sure the content is well-written and your firm is performing well.

anything worth sharing.

Not only does this promote your business, but it

also boosts your standing. Without knowing you, others will

determine if they like and trust you. By constructing

great reputation as a community activist makes it simpler

for them to like you and your business.

21. Take Marketing Offline

There are still folks who don’t grasp it.

information online. Internet use includes business, email, and occasionally

will purchase online but communicate offline.

There are several offline ways to promote yourself. Some are better.

They vary by business, but they all have a function.

Online, promote your business to as many individuals as possible.

as often as possible. Salespeople say, “It’s a numbers game.”

If more people see your message, more will visit your site.

More site visitors imply more purchases.

From pens to calendars to neckties, corporate names, logos, and websites

emerge everywhere. Some brands are powerful enough to

Logo wearers will pay. Coke and M&Ms are among several.

Corporate brands individuals flaunt.

I know a tiny sports business that prints and gives away

hundreds of tees annually. Anyone involved in local sports has

get one shirt from this shop. At every local casual event, one

Someone will wear the store’s logo shirt. Have seen

images of Dominican Republic residents wearing the shirts.

Newcomers and nearby residents quickly discover where

to buy sports gear.

A short web search can reveal several firms that

marketing materials specialist. Quality varies widely.

Price and items vary by budget, therefore you should be able to

locate anything that fits your goals.


Frequently mentioning your name and website URL is crucial.

feasible and widespread. Do not limit yourself to

stuff discussed here. Try it if you believe it’s a good idea.

see. You may find gold where others have merely discovered

limited success. It depends on you, your goods, and your catch.

garner interest.

Using viral traffic development strategies might overwhelm your site with traffic.

your site. Some of the approaches in this book are ideal for you and…

Others may be useless or restricted in business. It all

depending on your marketing goals. Choose which.

one suits you best. Starting a viral campaign is risky.

marketing strategy before website launch.

It’s normal to worry about website traffic.

Online firms generate money that way, however if you’re not ready,

A excellent opportunity may pass. Many firms continuously seek their

message to become viral with poor results. Some marketers are

Very successful people will tell you it doesn’t happen every time.

You must clearly state why people should visit your website.

Explain what you want them to do when they arrive. Are you selling?

product or service? If so, write a persuasive sales letter.

increase revenue by convincing visitors to buy. If you are

Pay-per-click advertising requires careful content selection.

Your site is intriguing enough that people will return to see more.

interest on your site.

Examine your website objectively. What happens when traffic arrives?

they do when they arrive? Make sure your design is right,

All connections operate, your website is straightforward to explore, and

message will persuade them to act.

A last reminder: none of these strategies should be employed alone.

marketing you do. They should be part of a marketing strategy.

campaign. Everything you do to promote your site might bring you

traffic. Few will become viral, but everyone has the potential.

to drive site traffic without getting viral. Use opportunities.

waiting for something. Keep increasing your website visitors.

site and being ready for traffic.

Be ready. When a marketing strategy goes viral, wait.

A crazy ride. All your efforts will pay off.

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